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CMS 2021 Proposed Changes to Medicare Advantage & Part D Programs

Being able to afford the right medications and easily access health care is important to many Medicare beneficiaries. Here are the 2021 MA and Part D c...

Why Do We Celebrate That? Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a love or hate holiday, with many believing it to be just an excuse for greeting card sales. Those involved in the roots of this old...

Giving Your Home a Fire Safety Check

House fires cause billions of dollars in damages and thousands of deaths each year. You can prevent this danger by giving your home a fire safety check!

More Simple Tips to Stay Mentally Sharp

Your cognitive health is one of the most important factors in your quality of life. Here are more simple ways you can stay mentally sharp as you age!

4 Ways to Enjoy a Puzzle on National Puzzle Day

Whether you're breaking out an old jigsaw or solving a crossword, here are a few ways you can celebrate National Puzzle Day!

3 Popular Types of Salt, and Why They Matter

Not all salts are made equal. Today, we're looking at the different types of salt out there and why that matters to your cooking.

Does Medicare Cover Home Health Care?

Sometimes, in our health journeys, it may be necessary to look into home health care services. What are these services, and does Medicare cover them?

Are Processed Foods Really That Unhealthy?

Processed foods often receive a bad reputation. But, are all processed foods unhealthy and just why can they be so bad?

The Health Benefits of Knitting

While it may not be the most physically strenuous hobby or craft, knitting is incredibly therapeutic and beneficial for the mental health and happiness...

Does Medicare Cover Dementia Care?

Any form of dementia can be a life-altering condition that affects the entire family. Does Medicare offer coverage of dementia treatment?

3 of the Healthiest Types of Tea

Tea is a popular drink at any time of the day and is often promoted for its health benefits. We're looking at three favorite teas and seeing what makes...

Recharging After a Bad Night's Sleep

Have you ever woken up after a night of tossing and turning, begging for more sleep? Here are a few ways you can recover after a bad night's sleep!

How Does Medicare Cover Diabetes?

Diabetes is a very common condition affecting millions of seniors around the country. Does Medicare cover diabetes treatment or prevention programs?

Exercises to Fix Your Posture

Your posture can influence many aspects of your health. If you don't have great posture, how can you fix it?

Healthy Ways to Add Honey to Your Diet

Honey can be a healthy source of sweetness and is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. What are some healthy ways you can add honey to your diet?