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3 More Great Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve is, at its core, a global party where the whole world celebrates the turning of the year. This gives you a lot of options for places to ring in the new year. You may already know a few of the big ones, like New York, but it’s easy for others to go unrecognized. This is a shame, because many of these places are worthwhile destinations where you can say goodbye to the old year. For this list, we’re going to share three very different places to celebrate New Year’s Eve, two in the United States and one outside of it. Each location has its own unique flavor and events that are quintessentially that place, so if any of these appeal to you, don’t wait. Plan your trip today!

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia, is the capital of the New South Wales providence and one of the country’s most famous and beautiful cities. If you’re up for a longer flight, it’s also a great place to celebrate the end of the year. With its Sydney Harbour and multiple vantage points, it’s a world class place to watch fireworks.

Fireworks aren’t the only way to celebrate in Sydney on December 31, though. You can find a slew of events, like NYE In The Park, a massive music festival in Victoria Park. Similarly, the Calyx at the Royal Botanical Gardens is hosting a party with food, views, and unlimited drinks. If you’re in the mood for a show, the world-famous Sydney Opera House is hosting a New Year’s Eve gala concert including a midnight party to enjoy the fireworks.

You’ll also be able to celebrate before anyone else!

One aspect that really sets Sydney (and the rest of Australia) apart from U.S.-based destinations is the weather at New Year’s Eve. Since the country is in the Southern Hemisphere, Sydney will be experiencing their warmer months, giving you an escape from winter for a little while. Throughout December, Sydney averages high-70°F to mid-80°F temperatures and fairly nice weather. That makes it a pretty unique international destination that combines great weather and great events for New Year’s Eve. You’ll also be able to celebrate before anyone else!

Orlando, FL

No matter the time of year, Orlando is a popular place to visit, and that’s true of New Year’s Eve, too. Similar to Sydney, it’s nice weather at this time of year, averaging mid-70°F temperatures. This can make it a bit more comfortable to hop around at events or enjoy an outdoor event at one of the many amusement parks that call Orlando home. In fact, that truly sets Orlando apart as a New Year’s Eve destination. Where else can you spend the day at Disney World or Universal Studios while enjoying special celebrations? Nearly every park will be doing something, so whichever park or theme sounds the best to you is likely available.

Being able to ring in the new year at Disney or Hogwarts creates unforgetable family moments that are hard to match.

Of course, events aren’t just happening at the parks. You’ll be able to find parties and galas throughout Orlando. The city is filled with excellent bars that can make a great place to spend the evening, not to mention the restaurants if you’re in the mood for high-class dining. While these are all worth mentioning, it’s difficult to look past the theme parks that nowhere else in the world can offer. Being able to ring in the new year at Disney or Hogwarts, especially if you’ve brought young children with you, creates unforgetable family moments that are hard to match.

New Orleans, LA

While New Orleans is particularly famous for two other holidays, Mardi Gras and Halloween, it shouldn’t be overlooked for New Year’s Eve. One of the best things about New Orleans is that, whatever they do as a city, they do it in a distinctly New Orleans way. This stays true for New Year’s Eve, too, and nobody throws a party quite like New Orleans. Whether you’re cruising down Bourbon Street, enjoying the massive party in Jackson Square, or watching fireworks explode over the Mississippi River, New Orleans has fun and excitement waiting for you. Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve will even be returning to New Orleans for the Central Time party broadcast.

If you’re in the mood for authentic New Orleans music, Frenchmen Street is the place to go whatever time of year.

These aren’t the only events scattered throughout the city as nearly every bar and music house will be having some sort of event. You could even join a bar crawl if one location isn’t enough for you. If you’re in the mood for authentic New Orleans music, Frenchmen Street is the place to go whatever time of year. There are even kid-friendly events if you’ll be traveling with the family! For a city that always does things its own way, it’s surprising that New Orleans has something for everyone.

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New Year’s Eve is commonly celebrated at home or at a small party, but with many of us feeling cooped up after two years of pandemic precautions, celebrating the start of 2023 somewhere new and exciting may be the perfect solution. As a nice little bonus, each of these places are warm in the winter, which is a nice way to escape the cold for a bit while celebrating the new year!

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