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Medicareful Living is Changing Its Name — Here's Why

Starting October 1, 2023, you may notice some differences around our blog. Specifically, we’ll be changing our name from Medicareful Living to the Shop & Enroll Blog.

We didn’t want this to come as a surprise or concern anyone, so we’re here to answer the two big questions you may have. Why are we switching the name, and what does this mean for the blog?

Why is Medicareful Living’s Name Changing?

First and foremost, the team behind our articles and website will stay the same. We’re changing our name in response to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recent rulings, which addressed how some groups use the Medicare name or other Medicare-related elements in a misleading way. To protect consumers from confusion, CMS has decided to regulate and limit the use of the name and elements like the CMS logo. If you’re curious to know more about the new rules, you can read this excellent write-up.

We are always mindful of being clear and honest with our readers and anyone who uses the Medicareful Plan Finder tool. Since Medicareful has the word Medicare in the name, we made the decision to be extra cautious and simply change the name. The last thing we want to do is accidentally mislead anyone into thinking we’re an official program of Medicare or CMS. Instead, we’re rebranding our Medicareful platform and Medicareful Living blog as Shop & Enroll and the Shop & Enroll Blog.

Will Anything Else Be Changing on the Blog?

Besides the new name, the other big changes you’ll see is our new URL and brand colors. Instead of, the website will be If you’ve bookmarked our site, you’ll be automatically redirected to the new site; but it doesn’t hurt to update your bookmark to the new link. Additionally, you’ll notice that the Shop & Enroll blog has a different look and feel to it, one that matches the new Shop & Enroll brand.

Other than that, nothing else will be changing. You can still expect the same quality articles that we’ve been publishing since 2017. The topics we cover will also not be changing, so you can expect more lifestyle, health, and diet articles alongside our coverage of Medicare. We will also be migrating our entire catalog of around 850 articles over, so you’ll never run out of materials to read and still have access to review the posts you love.

● ● ●

We’re very proud of everything we’ve created at Medicareful Living (soon to be the Shop & Enroll Blog). Our goal is to continue to live up to the standards we’ve set ourselves and you’ve come to expect. This isn’t a goodbye from us at Medicareful Living. It’s a hello from your friends at the Shop & Enroll Blog.

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