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Mood Foods: A Breakfast That Boosts Your Mood

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a number of reasons, but it's critical to boosting your mood so you can greet the day at your best!

Mood Foods 2: More Foods That Boost Your Mood

We had too much to say about different foods that can boost your mood that we had to split it into two articles! Today, we're looking at some sweeter M...

How Does Prior Authorization Affect Medicare Coverage?

Prior authorization can influence the care and coverage you receive through Medicare, but it influences different parts uniquely.

Mood Foods: Foods That Boost Your Mood

If you're feeling a bit down, the solution might be in your kitchen! We found some foods that boost your mood when you need a pick-me-up.

Internet Safety Tips for Seniors

The internet can be an entertaining and informative place, but there's also a darker side to it. It's easy to fall prey to scams, identity theft, or ba...

Common Causes of Incontinence in Seniors

The occasional "accident" can be embarrassing, but your incontinence could have an underlying cause. These are the common causes of incontine...

5 Ways to Warm Up Quickly in the Winter

Nobody likes being cold, and sometimes, it can even be dangerous. Beat the cold this winter with a few effective ways to warm up quickly!

When Can I Get a COVID-19 Vaccination?

There are many questions surrounding the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination. When can you get one? Where? Is it safe? We're giving you some answers an...

Energy Drinks: Are They Bad for You?

Energy drink usage is on the rise in the United States, but is it healthy? There's a growing body of evidence that energy drinks are actually pretty ba...

Finding a Purpose Makes You Happier, Healthier

Having a purpose or guiding passion in your life can help you deal with stress, be happier, and even live longer. Here are all the ways living with a p...

Ways Seniors Can Lower Heating Costs in the Winter

Looking for ways you can lower your heating bill this winter? You're in luck because you can without compromising comfort!

Cooking for Beginners: Cutting Board Safety

Cutting boards are extremely useful tools in the kitchen, especially for protecting your countertops. For that reason, cutting board safety is equally ...

Why Do We Celebrate That? Christmas Gift-Giving

Who doesn't love getting gifts during the holidays? Why is gift-giving so central to Christmas, and how did it get that way?

Fun Christmas Ways to Get Fit

The holidays are here, so counteract that Christmas cookie with these fun Christmas ways to get fit!

Safe Ways to Celebrate Christmas During the COVID Pandemic

Looking for ways to celebrate Christmas during the COVID pandemic? It's possible, but we have to be smart and still follow the guidelines. Here's how.